Saturday, 20 June 2020

Well, Doesn't Time Fly

It's been nearly eight years since I posted here.

To be fair some of that was due to a technical issue which led me to believe that the blog had been hijacked by the Forces of Evil and removed. or simply removed. It turns out that it was a redundant script simply redirecting people away from it. Anyway, it's been dealt with and if I can see the blog again, then so can you.

I last posted in 2012, and It's interesting looking back through posts and realising how much has changed since then. I'm now openly dressing to a level I never thought possible then. I have featured in the local paper. Twice. For the right reasons even. I've marched in Sydney's Mardi Gras parade. I've been to the 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert' festival. Attended protest rallies. Come out at work. Performed burlesque. For a paying audience.

So many things.

Maybe I'll start posting here again.


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Lucie G said...

Hello. Great to hear from you again.