Monday, 31 March 2008

No Tranny Apathy Here

In my previous post I pledged that on or before the 29th of March I would fight tranny apathy and take a picture of myself in girl clothes.

So I did. Twice.

My first go was at the newly reinstated Transdoori evening in Chiswick on the 19th March. A number of us t-girls got together, along with a few partners (including Mrs Rachel) for an Indian meal and a chance to socialise. It was good fun, and it appears that there will be another in April. I hope to be there.

Anyway, here is a pic of the outfit I wore (although not full-length, so you can't see my lovely blue suede shoes):

Blue-Grey Dress

And here I am in the restaurant:


And last night Mrs Rachel and I were off out again, to Magic Theatre III, held at the Rivoli Ballroom in SE London. It's a stunning venue in its' own right, being a 1950s style dance-hall, but add to that the sheer range, quality and variety of costumes on show and the whole thing was quite overwhelming in its splendour. I took a few pictures of the evening itself, but so far have only uploaded the ones of me. So, as my main contribution to the attempt to end tranny apathy, I present my Magic Theatre outfit:

Indian Dress At The Magic Theatre

Indian Wedding Dress

It's a lovely Indian wedding dress, which originally belonged to and was given to me by my sister-in-law. The original top didn't fit me, so I sourced an appropriate replacement from eBay, then added jewellery also sourced from eBay. It wasn't the easiest outfit to wear - the gold thread embroidery on the skirt and shawl makes it very heavy, and in order to deal with the skirt's length I wore my highest (and least comfortable) stilletos - but it was worth it; I felt like a million dollars. Towards the end of the evening I ditched the heels and danced barefoot, which was quite liberating, and an interesting experience in a skirt that length.

Anyway, if there's a Magic Theatre IV I think Mrs Rachel and I will be back. But, shhh, a confession. I might consider going in bloke-mode. After all, I often get a chance to dress as Rachel (although not in an Indian wedding dress, which is why I took the opportunity to wear it last night). But I rarely get the chance to really dress up as Mr X; Magic Theatre offers that chance and I'm tempted to take it. But we'll see closer to the time; the lure of the frock is a strong one.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Tranny Apathy - It Stops Here

Support Gillian's fight against Tranny Apathy. Read about it here.

So, following Gillian's example:

I Rachel, being a transvestite of sound mind and sexy body (most of which is kept in a drawer under the bed) do hereby commit to posting a picture on Flickr of me wearing girls' clothes on 29th March 2008, said pic to be taken anytime in the preceeding two weeks.

Oh, and since I'm promotng things on other people's blogs (always a lazy way to do blogging), this tickled me pink. Pinker.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Praise Indeed

On Saturday night I went out clubbing. I got myself all glammed up, got my bits together and came downstairs. My son was sat on the sofa, doing whatever it is 12 year-old boys do on a Saturday evening (watching TV or chatting to his girlfriend on MSN or something). As I collected my car-keys he glanced up and looked at me in my mini-dress and boots.

"Dad," he said, "You look the business."