Friday, 31 October 2008

My Aussie Debut

Well, The Urge finally caught up with me, and I decided that I had to get frocked up and have some kind of outing or I'd go spare. Since we arrived in New South Wales a couple of weeks ago I've not been shy about trying things on in shops whilst in bloke mode, (and buying some of them as well), but it's not the same is it?

The downside is, of course, that it's too bloody hot for trannying a lot of the time. So I bided my time until we had a relatively cool, overcast day and then went for it.

In fact it wasn't an exciting outing - I just went shopping in the local mall (Shellharbour Stockland) - but it was my first time in not only a new area, but a new country. I have no reason to assume that urban Australia gives a damn about the odd tranny wandering around, so I wasn't too worried, but I will admit to a few butterflies as I parked up and started to get out of the car.

For those that like to know these things I wore some leg-flattering cord trousers from Next which I bought in Staines the day before I flew out here, my New look dolly shoes and a lovely loose flowing tunic top in cream with lace trim I picked up in a vintage/esoteric clothes shop in Wollongong earlier this week. Here's the ensemble.

I can report the best thing one can always report after an outing into the Real World - nothing happened. A few people did a double take, anyone who stared got my winning smile and most people didn't notice me or ignored me. Just what I'd expect. Shop assistants were, on the whole, polite and helpful and seemingly unfazed by a crossdressing Pom spending money like it was going out of fashion. The only place where I noticed a reaction (definate sniggers as I left) was the local games shop which I'd been into to see if they had a release date for the new Guitar Hero game for the DS. Perhaps it was my taste in games they were laughing at?

I did every clothes shop I could find in the mall, and tried on things in several of them. In none of them did I have any problems doing so. Looking confident always pays off I guess.

Anyway, I came away with a new iPod FM thingy for the car, a new bra and a lovely 50s style floral dress which I now need an excuse to wear.

Next time I go shopping it's going to be Wollongong city centre - there are heaps of lovely clothes shops there just waiting to be explored. And I shall have to work on the next outing as well; there's a nice Thai restaurant just down the road from where we're living which could be a possible venue.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Made It!


Just a short note to say that I'm in Australia now. Actually I've been here for a couple of weeks now, but we started with a two week holiday in Northern Territory and it's only in the last couple of days that we arrived in New South Wales, where we intend to live.

I have tried to maintain some tranny credentials. On the day we flew out of the UK I bought a new pair of shoes, and on my first day in New South Wales I tried on a nice looking black pinafore dress in the local shopping centre. Didn't buy that one, though; I wasn't sure it suited me.

Look out for new pics and adventures when i get myself properly organised.