Tuesday, 17 November 2009

I've Been Here A Year, You Know

Hey! I have a blog! It's a bit dusty, though. Must have been neglected for a while.

So, since I last used it, I have moved house (not by choice, it has to be said) and generally not done much else of note. Here's a resume of my crossdressing since the last time I blogged:

The Little Black DressReturn To The BeachOut In The Garden

Two meals up in Sydney, and a morning out shopping in Wollongong, where I somehow ended up on the beach again.

Yesterday I revealed my latest 'new look' to the world. Earlier this year I experimented with 'wigless' as a look. I attacked it with confidence, but decided that my hair was really too short for it to work properly. Now, six months on, it's had chance to grow, and:

My Own Hair

I went Christmas shopping with Mrs Rachel up in Sydney, and felt great. As before, being wigless was truly liberating, but this time I was totally happy with how I looked. I know that 'passing' isn't really important*, and I don't presume to do so anyway, but looking the best you can helps with the confidence needed to get out and about. And I felt justified in my confidence yesterday. We're off away thsi weekend for Transfusion and, whilst I may pack a wig just in case, I think the whole thing will be wigless again. I may even get around to blogging it sometime. Probably next year, though, based on past performances.

The truth of the matter is that I started this blog so that I had somewhere to document my tranny experience. But a year ago I basically came out 'fully' on the 'net (and, by extension) pretty well everwhere else as well, so I have found other outlets through which I can share my experiences; ones where I can share them not as an anonymous tranny, but as a relatively normal married man and parent who can show that crossdressing doesn't turn you into some kind of evil monster. The need for this blog has diminished. But I still have a soft-spot for it, so it'll be around for a while yet.

*Saying that, one of the high points of my day was waiting at a counter for lunch; the woman next to me was asked by the assistant what she'd like and pointing at me replied "Actually I think that this lady was here before me".