Monday, 12 March 2012

Seeing Red

It's a good job that I'm not the kind of guy who goes around with his shirt off, otherwise the rather obvious strappy-top sunburn I'm currently sporting would raise rather more questions than I'm willing to answer.

Anyway, I had a fantastic day out in Sydney yesterday as part of a iPhone-based photo-walk. Yes, once again I inflicted Rachel on 'real people' who were, as ever, not bothered.

Since the day was all about square-format pictures, here's one that features me. It was taken with my 'real' camera as opposed to the iPhone:

Oooh, Look - Shiny Reflective Surface!

Sunday, 4 March 2012


The Cool Urban Look
I went for a cool alternative look for my latest outing into Sydney. I decided to see if I could make my LBD look casual enough for a Saturday expedition to the Big City, and found a denim jacket of my wife's set it off nicely. A hippy-style handbag (do I have any other kind any more) added to the look, and off I went.

I was doing OK - browsing, shopping and generally being a girl-about-town. Until I got something out of my bag, then closed the sip, only to have the thing come completely apart. That is, the whole metal assembly came off the end of the zip, leaving the bag closed with no way of opening it. Well, short of picking it open with my fingernail.

Eventually I managed to bodge it back together, but it's not as secure as it was, and needs proper work.

Anyway, the rest of the day went well, and I got to the train for the two-hour ride home. I plonked myself down in my seat, and felt something give - the whole zip on the back of my dress had split open. Fortunately it had held together at the top, but I could feel it open all the way down my back. The jacket would hide it, but it was obvious the zip was done for. Very annoying.

So, a nice day out, but at the expense of a damaged bag and a dress that probably isn't worth repairing (the zip has already been replaced once).

The sad fact is that I was probably too porky for the dress, and I was just lucky that it told me so when I was already heading home.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Pin It

I'm always keen to try out new social media, in one or other of my guises, so it will come as no surprise to know that I've started dabbling with the image sharing site PINTEREST. After all, it's claimed that it's demographic is 95% female and that it's just a vast repository of pictures of make-up, shoes, frocks and cupcakes. Whilst the latter aren't good for me in large numbers (even my new corset can't hold their effects at bay), no page with lots of the former items on it can be all bad. Can it?

Anyway, you can follow me HERE.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Wrong Kind Of Summer

Being a crossdresser in summer around here isn't much fun. Now this is probably partially down to me - I like to go out and about, but I also like to look awesome. But, and this may surprise you, to look as awesome as I do takes a certain amount of assistance. That is, there's the wig on top and a whole load of engineering going on under those op-shop outfits.

The problem? Even that light floaty summer look has so much underneath it that it's bloody hot. I have cut it down to a minimum, even at the expense of looking like what is technically termed 'a fat lass' but in local summer temperatures it's hard work. I endure it when I have to.

This year I haven't had the same problem. The problem I've had this year is that it won't stop raining. It rains for days. Whole days. Whole days on end. Who wants to go out on a day like that? Even as a guy I'd rather stay indoors. The idea of frocking up to wander the shops in a torrential downpour just doesn't cut it.

I'd never considered how weather-dependent I'd managed to make my crossdressing experience.

Apparently autumn is going to be wet too ...