Sunday, 10 January 2010

Another First

It's true that I like recording crossdressing 'firsts', and I've racked up another.

My first train journey as Rachel.

I've done the London Underground a few times, but don't really count that. This was something I'd been wanting to do for a while, and hadn't got around to - a day-trip up to Sydney. It's a two-hour train journey from here, but not to expensive, so I decided that it would be worth the effort. Doing it in the middle of the school holidays perhaps wasn't the most sensible plan, perhaps, if I was aiming to avoing the tranny's natural predator - teenagers - but in fact everything went well.

So there we are. Easy.

In Sydney I poked around a few shops (and decided that the new 'Doctor Who ' role-playing game is out of my price range), and did some sightseeing around Hyde Park. Nothing fancy - it was too hot really.

Here I am hiding in the shade:

In The Shade

One thing that did come out of the trip was the realisation that long hair is more trouble than it's worth. I do love the freedom of my wearing own hair as Rachel, but it's a lot of effort to maintain, especially given that for 95% of the time I'm wearing it as a bloke. A wig may be warm, but, frankly, it is more convenient. So, I'm thinking about having my hair cut off ...