Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Angel Dust

So I did Angelic. More to the point, I did Angelic with Mrs Rachel.

Yes, having done the Philbeach in November and WOC in December, I did another tranny venue, Pink Punters, this weekend. And, having offloaded the children on a Scout camp or my parents (depending on which child you are thinking of), Mrs Rachel and I were able to go together.

And we had a great time. It's true the music was a bit average (and not easy to dance to in the middle of the evening), but the company was good, and the whole weekend went smoothly. An added bonus was meeting up with my TS friend Kirstie for a meal at the Campanile beforehand.

And the title? Well, Mrs Rachel decided that her outfit was best enhanced with spray-on glitter (and she was right; she looked lovely). The problem with spray-on glitter is that it sprays on. Everything. Including much of our hotel room, and some of my bloke stuff. On the night I sparkled*, but I'll be glittering for weeks to come.

*Yes, it's the Next dress I got on eBay. It was a joy to wear**.

**A woman at the club was wearing the tunic version. She said she thought I looked better in mine than she did in hers. Which was quite a boost.


Penny M said...

I'm really pleased you had a good time hon.

Lucinda said...

it was nice for your beautifull wife to share time with us "strange things" - I just hope that she can understand that we are all insane but we have fun and stay young. Why be a bore?