Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Mr And Mrs

I'm still alive, you know. Don't think you've got rid of me.

I confused a shop assistant today. I had some shopping to do in Wollongong, and decided that it was a chance to have a dressed outing. One of my trips was to our local electrical retailer, and when you buy something there they enter your personal details into their computer so that they can print out the warranty docket. She started out OK, putting in my surname. She then skipped over the 'Title' box, and put my initial in the next one (which is not 'R', in case you were wondering). Filled out my address and telephone number. All well and good.

When she hit 'Return' it flagged the 'Title' field in red - it was a compulsory field, and she had to put something in there. It was then that I started to realise that she'd skipped it because she didn't know what to put, and wasn't sure how to ask. She must have spotted my wedding ring (which I wear, even when dressed), and putting two and two together entered 'Mrs'. I'd like to report that I said something witty at this point, but all I did was smile sweetly and say "You can put 'Mr' if you like".

So she did.

So here I am - Not-Mrs Not-Rachel:

In The Car

You'll notice that the wig is back. It returned a couple of weeks ago when we went out for a meal in Wollongong with our friend Lettie, and her daughter, who was meeting her dad's femme side for the first time. I thought that under the circumstances my experimental look was probably a bit much, so went for my 'normal' appearence. And I realised how much I actually missed it. My own hair is still growing nicely, and I will 'use' it again sometime. But, for various reasons, at the moment I need the comfort of the old Rachel.

I did, however, start shopping for a new wig today. Saw and tried one I like, and I may go back and get it in a couple of weeks. I have to say that the ladies in the shop/salon I visited were very friendly and helpful indeed.

So, stay tuned. There could be another new look coming in a few weeks.

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