Tuesday, 17 November 2009

I've Been Here A Year, You Know

Hey! I have a blog! It's a bit dusty, though. Must have been neglected for a while.

So, since I last used it, I have moved house (not by choice, it has to be said) and generally not done much else of note. Here's a resume of my crossdressing since the last time I blogged:

The Little Black DressReturn To The BeachOut In The Garden

Two meals up in Sydney, and a morning out shopping in Wollongong, where I somehow ended up on the beach again.

Yesterday I revealed my latest 'new look' to the world. Earlier this year I experimented with 'wigless' as a look. I attacked it with confidence, but decided that my hair was really too short for it to work properly. Now, six months on, it's had chance to grow, and:

My Own Hair

I went Christmas shopping with Mrs Rachel up in Sydney, and felt great. As before, being wigless was truly liberating, but this time I was totally happy with how I looked. I know that 'passing' isn't really important*, and I don't presume to do so anyway, but looking the best you can helps with the confidence needed to get out and about. And I felt justified in my confidence yesterday. We're off away thsi weekend for Transfusion and, whilst I may pack a wig just in case, I think the whole thing will be wigless again. I may even get around to blogging it sometime. Probably next year, though, based on past performances.

The truth of the matter is that I started this blog so that I had somewhere to document my tranny experience. But a year ago I basically came out 'fully' on the 'net (and, by extension) pretty well everwhere else as well, so I have found other outlets through which I can share my experiences; ones where I can share them not as an anonymous tranny, but as a relatively normal married man and parent who can show that crossdressing doesn't turn you into some kind of evil monster. The need for this blog has diminished. But I still have a soft-spot for it, so it'll be around for a while yet.

*Saying that, one of the high points of my day was waiting at a counter for lunch; the woman next to me was asked by the assistant what she'd like and pointing at me replied "Actually I think that this lady was here before me".


GirlWhoShould said...

You look very good in the photo. Glad you're just getting on with things and being your uncloseted self irl.
Lucy x

rachel laura said...

wigless definatly you look FAB ;-) merry christmas from the uk