Thursday, 20 November 2008

Rachel Steps Out Again

Fresh from the success of my shopping trip to Shellharbour a couple of weeks ago, last night I went to my first tranny social event since arriving here in Oz eight weeks ago. This was a restaurant night in a suburb of Sydney, so required a couple of hours' driving there and back. But it was worth it; Mrs Rachel and I met three girls, two of whom had their partners with them, and we had a very pleasant Italian meal. And, just to rub it in to those of you in the UK, we sat outdoors :-)

I'm out of practice in getting ready for these things, and we were late leaving home because I was still putting my face on when we should have been in the car. Add to that the fact that we don't really know our way around Sydney (which, we think, covers a larger area than London, despite only having half of the poulation) and got lost, it was no surprise that we were late turning up. However no-one had ordered, so we didn't disrupt things. To balance things out we also got lost on the way back home as well and, just as we finally found the correct route out of the city, we got caught in the mother of all thunderstorms; lashing rain and bright sheet lightning all the way down to Wollongong and beyond.

Anyway, thanks to Jan, Caroline, Karen and their other halves for making us welcome. I'll see some of you in just over a week at the next big even - Transfusion.

I wore some particularly high heels for the evening and to get used to them spent a morning wearing them around the house. Which led to the bizarre sight of me, in full bloke mode, playing competitive Guitar Hero against my son whilst wearing 5" stilletos. It actually seemed to improve my ability to play.

And it was my son who, whilst we were getting changed at the local swimming pool this afternoon, notcied that I had forgotten to remove the raspberry pink nail varnish from my toes last night. Oh well.


Pandora Caitiff said...

Cool. I heard Aussies were more laid back than than us Brits.

Any reactions from the restaurant patrons or where they all "Yeah, whatever. I don't care what those other people are doing. Its none of my business"?

Rachel said...

I didn't notice any reaction at all from the other patrons. Whether that's because they were laid back, or because they hadn't really noticed us is hard to say.

One thing we did discuss was the perception that UK trannies seem more active than Aussie ones; UK girls seem to get out more and go to more events. Whether that's because the concentration is higher (leading to a more active social scene) or because it's just easier to be out and about there we couldn't decide. There does seem to be a problem here with getting girls to attend social events, even in areas where you would expect there to be a decent TG population.