Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Going For Bloke

In my last post (and elsewhere) I mentioned the possibility of going to a future Magic Theatre in bloke mode, and this seems to have provoked a little bit of interest. So let me explain.

Since I came out last year I have acquired much more of a social life than I had before. Indeed, I have pretty much acquired a social life where I didn't have one before. Since she likes to be involved, so has Mrs Rachel. However, as much as she enjoys the events we've been to, she has said that she's like to do some of these things without Rachel; she wants to do some of these things with the man she married, not the woman he likes to present as sometimes. Which is fair enough.

But, let's face it, a lot of outings are more fun as a girl. I don't know why, but they are. For example, as a bloke I get very self-conscious about dancing. As Rachel I love it. I'm odd that way.

How to compromise? Well, Magic Theatre offers that possibility. As I have said elsewhere it was the first event I've been to as Rachel where I spent as much time admiring the male costumes as I did those of the girls. There were some great efforts, and I looked at a few of them and thought 'I could carry that look off'. This wasn't an evening of gorgeous girls and boring blokes; this was bloke-wear you could get excited about. This was costume and, let's face it, as a 'Weekend Princess' that's what a lot of my trannying is about - my dressing is, in some ways, a costume that lets me become Rachel more easily.

So yes, with the right costume, one that made me feel 'dressed up', I could do an event like Magic Theatre in bloke mode.

And bits of Rachel would still be there. It's amazing what girl clothing you can slip into a male outfit if you try. Many years ago, when I was deeply buried at the back of the closet, I went on an extended trip where we spent the whole time in Victorian costume. Those with money had proper reproductions made (oh, some of the frocks were to die for ...); the rest of us improvised. Most of the clothing could be easily sourced from modern male equivalents. A few things (frock coats and the like) required a trip to Camden Market. But some accessories needed more imagination - the modern male equivalents just didn't look right - which I why I ended up with a hat and some gloves purchased from the ladies' section of our local departmenst store. Indeed I still have them, and have subsequently worn the gloves as Rachel.

I got married in a lady's waistcoat. The cut's the same as a bloke one; it's just which side it buttons that's different. And no-one notices that. Oh, and I borrowed a pair of socks from my sister as well. Long story. So in some respects I trannied when I got married. But I was still a bloke.

Suffice to say that even in bloke mode it's possible to tranny, if the costume allows for it. I already have an idea for a bloke costume suitabel for Magic Theatre, and can do most of it using elements of Rachel's wardrobe. So even if I lack the wig, makeup and boobs, I'd still be a transvestite. And since that's what I am, and am happy being, that's good enough for me.

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Penny M said...

Strange isn't it? A transvestite dressed as a man, but isn't it nice to have the choice? Swanning around in a frock requires a lot of time, effort and nerve, and there are times when it's just more fun to do bloke. for me anyway