Friday, 18 April 2008

Rachel In Trousers Shocker!

Exclusive! Blurry photographic evidence has been found which suggests that obscure Staines-based crossdresser Rachel (just plain Rachel) has been seen in public wearing ... Trousers!

Crossdresser in Wearing Trousers Shocker!
Crossdresser in Wearing Trousers Shocker!

Eyewitnesses in the Earl's Court area of London state that she was seen leaving an hotel in the area, in the company of a friend (a conventional crossdresser, in a skirt), and entering the Thai Princess restaurant where she consumed a rather tasty meal, including pudding.

Sources close to Rachel confirm that this case of trouser-wearing really did take place, and was brought on through a combination of her acquiring a couple of pairs 'the other day, from a friend at work', and the realisation that she still couldn't find a suitable skirt to go with the gorgeous green Chinese blouse she wanted to wear yesterday evening. They also confirm that the trousers made her 'bum look nice'*.

And unfortunate incident involving an electrical failure in the hotel and a need to catch what has been described as 'the last train home' meant that a post-meal photo-session to garner clearer pictures didn't take place as planned.

Further incidents of unrepentant trouser-wearing are expected in the future, and may be reported. Or not.

Some semblance of normality was maintained yesterday, however, when it was observed that a crossdresser matching Rachel's description was seen in the vicinity of the Victoria and Albert Museum - in a skirt.

Hippy Chick Out And About

Rumours abound concerning pictures of Rachel in and even more stereotypical crossdresser outfit, but these have not yet been released to the public. Further news on this as the pictures are tracked down and processed.

*Source: Mr X, whose opinion on these matters may be considered biased.


Jessica Hart said...

Erm, I did something similar last week - turned up for a meal with some girl friends in jeans, "Oh so you're going down the TS route then" (admittedly tongue in cheek).

I think the trouser-wearing-tranny thing is quite an epiphany - its when you start to realise this is more serious than you though - least it was for me, when I bought the first femme pair of trousers...

Rachel said...

"I think the trouser-wearing-tranny thing is quite an epiphany - its when you start to realise this is more serious than you though"

Hi Jess,

I'm not sure I felt that I was getting 'more serious', but that perhaps I had 'grown up' a little as a CD and was able to break away from the (self imposed, to some extent) cliches. There are still photos to come from my day out that show that I am still happy to do Fancy Dress Tranny as well :-)

At the end of the day I wore traousers because they were the only way I could wear that Chinese top and feel comfortable with how I looked in it. So to some extent they were a necessary evil, but one I'd repeat. I didn't feel my Rachel 'self-image' was damaged by them, that's for sure - as far as I am concerned I felt and looked fabulous, and that's what I want out of my dressing.

Rachel said...

By the way; your comment time - '03:13'! Do you never sleep? :-)

Jessica Hart said...

I was being slighty tounge in cheek there - If you look back a few entries on my log I had simialr issues myself with my "tea dress" that only reached my hip joint :)

Oh, 3am? Well, clearing the decks before holiday - fortified by a nice bottle of white wine. Taxi comes in 40 mins :)

Lynn Jones said...

> Staines

Aiiii? :-)


Not part of the wardrobe if we were just cliches, but the right pair of trousers is great. I can't do skinny jeans (I look like a carrot, only less orange) but bootleg troos are cool. I've got my eye on some white jean. So 80s, but all the same :)

ps: Cool blog