Sunday, 6 April 2008

Rachel, Queen Of The Desert

Tonight I ticked another tranny box; I saw 'Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert' for the first time. Loved it!

It has a certain resonance for me, of course. As you may know (or may not - you will in a second), the Family Rachel are hoping to be leaving these shores and going to live Down Under. Indeed, had there not been some kind of appalling cock-up with parts of our visa application we hoped to already be there by now, but that's a whinge for elsewhere. So trannying in Australia is going to be a reality for me, I hope. Although I think I'll stop short at a thong-dress.

Now, whilst we will be aiming to live near Sydney, one of the things we hope to do when we get over there (When? If?) is to take a holiday and drive around the Northern Territories. Darwin to Alice Springs is our main plan. In a great big camper-van.

I have been forbidden - FORBIDDEN, I tell you - to ride on the roof of the van with a huge scarf trailing out behind me.



Pandora Caitiff said...

But what about climbing Ayers en-femme?

"That's all we need; A cock in a frock on a rock!"

Great film. (and popular with non-trannies too!)

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

As I understand it climbing Uluru is generally not considered a Good Thing, for various Aboriginal cultural reasons. It's a bit of a 'Look, Don't Touch' place now, I think. So doing it in a frock may be pushing things a bit far.

Pity; it had crossed my mind.

Still, we've got to get there yet ...

sophie h said...

I hope when/if you go to Oz you'll keep in touch with us all via Angels, and send us plenty of flickr pics Rachel.

Penny M said...

Now you've done it Rachel! I've got 'Finally' by Ce Ce Peniston rattling around my empty head :-?

Pandora Caitiff said...

I can shift the song from your head Penny, but you won't like it...

Ping pong balls!