Friday, 11 July 2008

Not For Public Display

So, it's just about a week to go until Magic Theatre IV. Because of a potential tranny drought in the near future I have decided to abandon my plans of going en-bloke and will frock up for it. I start chosing outfits, even to the extent of ordeing a possibility from eBay.

The Plan: By tomorrow (Saturday) I should have a choice of frocks and shoes. Indeed I know which shoes I want to wear, and am merely deciding which frock I want to wear with them. Easy. It's Saturday. I can spend the morning trying on the outfits, and then decide which is to be The One. I can then head out to the shops and accessorise. By the end of the day my outfit will be chosen, and I can then relax and enjoy the run-up to the event. Easy.

The Reality: We put our house on the market, and are informed that we have at least four viewings during the course of Saturday. It is felt that me parading around the house wearing pretty frocks, high-heels and a beard (I save shaving for tranny-nights only) is likely to put off potential buyers. Tomorrow Rachel will be locked firmly in the closet. And the accessories I need will stay in the shops I won't be visiting.



LucyTolliday said...

Best laid plans of mice and men and all that. They never covered trannys in those how to sell your house type shows just paint everything beige and bland.

sophie h said...

Hope you have more luck than Becky Enverite. Jane and her seem to be getting no end of hassle from our estate agent 'friends'.