Friday, 25 July 2008

Security Breach

So there we were, playing 'Rock Band' on the X-Box; my daughter, her friend and I. It was first time, and my daughter was explaining (badly) how I selected my character. As I fliundered around the controls a woman popped up and I decided to give up working out what I was doing an use her.

"Yeah", says my daughter "That seems a good choice, given what you are."

I flash her a warning glance, taking in her friend (who seemed oblivious), and indicating that the Tranny Thing was a no-no in the present circumstances.

"Oh, it's OK", says the fruit of my loins, "She knows."

Cue Rachel in bloke mode sitting there open-mouthed.

"I told her."

Even more open-mouthed.

Her friend still seemed oblivious, and I gave my daughter a special "We'll Talk About This Later" look (I'm good at looks). Then we murdered whatever song it was we chose to murder.

And she had. Told her. Weeks ago, apparently.

The thing is that whilst I am not strictly closeted, I do maintain a certain level of secrecy about being a CD in my local area, precisely because the children were concerned about it getting out at school. Now, fortunately, this friend of hers goes to a different school, so we have something of a buffer in that respect, but they both go to the same Guide group as people who do go to my kid's school. Really it's not a matter of if word gets out, but when. For my wife and I we'll live with it. Indeed if I no longer have to conceal my trannying from the population of Staines I can shop a little more freely and worry less about being spotted when going off to various events. My daughter has made her own bed, and will have to lie on it. But my son was the most concerned about word getting out, and now she's potentially blown it for him. We'll see. All being well we won't be around these parts much longer, so it may all be academic, but if word does get out, we'll know the source.

Kids. Who'd have them?


Lynn Jones said...

Eeek! :-) But then that's the thing with secrets isn't it. Once you tell someone, you lose control of it.

Hopefully it shows that your daughter and her friend are cool about it.

While I wouldn't want to trade places with you, maybe if word does get out that there's a normal chap out there who dresses up; who's to say it won't help a young teenager feel a little better about themselves.

Rachel said...

Hi Lynn,

THat's what I hope; I'm a (relatively) normal married guy and (I hope) a good father. I hope that people see that as well as the dressing and realise that we are basically normal.

And, yes, her friend seems cool about it. We haven't said anything, but she hasn't given any indication that her knowing is an issue for her.

LucyTolliday said...

Ah, the non verbal parental look.

Girls tend to share everything with their friends, you are possibly the first t-girl they have encountered and you're probably a great role model.