Saturday, 5 July 2008

Musings On Wimbledon

I don't follow Wimbledon these day. To tell the truth I've never really followed it that avidly, although I did once skive an afternoon off school to watch the Ladies' final once (in the days when it was played on a Friday afternoon).

Anyway, I don't follow Wimbledon, but I did catch a few minutes of BBC2's coverage of it last night, when I switched on for the finale of 'Heroes'. They were previewing the all-Williams final, and showed various shots of them playing. Now I don't know which sister it was, but one of them was wearing the most enormous hoop ear-rings. And all I could think was, "How does she play tennis in those?"

Even when I manage to drag myself into the Mysterious Blokey World of Sport, I can't manage to do anything more than comment on ear-rings ...

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LucyTolliday said...

I always thought it odd that players wore necklaces when playing. I do remember one of the Williams' sisters played in knee length boots.