Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Rachel's First Christmas

I'm 43 you know. Yes, yes, I know it's hard to believe. Thank you. Stop it; you're making me blush. Anyway, I'm 43, so I've done (if my calculations are correct) 43 Christmases. However, for 42 of them I was, knowingly or unknowingly, a closet tranny, hidden away in a secret little world of my own, afraid to come out.

Not this year. This year was the first Christmas since I came out; the first Christmas since the existence of Rachel was thrust onto an unsuspecting world.

This year was Rachel's first real Christmas.

And she had one. Just a little one; nothing spectacular, but something. Mr X got loads of lovely presents, as you'd expect from someone so handsome and popular, but tucked away in the stocking were three little packages for Rachel. A pair of ear-rings (clip-on, of course), a hair accessory and a book (Camilla Morton's 'How To Walk In High Heels: The Girl's Guide To Evrything'). Small presents, it's true. But a big step and a level of acceptance I neither deserved nor expected.

To my wife: thank you.

No, no, I'm fine; just a little something in my eye ...

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Jane said...

Awww, Happy Christmas well boxing day now hope it's all been good.