Friday, 14 December 2007

What To Wear?

According to my wife I now have more female clothes than male clothes. This is, of course, not true, but I have to admit that, looking at my wardrobe sometimes, you can see why someone might think it.

So how is it that, given the array of feminine goodies I have available, I'm still not sure what to wear for any given outing. I mean it's not like I get out that much; I've settled on about twice a month as a frequency with which everyone seems to be comfortable. And yet before each trip I agonise over what outfit to wear, and never feel that what I have selected is quite right.

Or does everyone feel like that?

(The solution, of course, is to buy more stuff. This may not, on balance, be an idea worth pursuing, however.)

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Becky Storm said...

I get this all the time and I deny it as well... although it may be true!

I think the problem with me is that having gone so many years and not being able to buy dresses etc it has enhanced my already huge hoarding instinct.. so even clothes that

1)are no longer even remotely fashionable
2)never fitted even in the first place
3)never looked good except on some stick thin fashion model

are still kept cos they're mine, even though I never wear them because one day they

1) might come back into fashion
2) mights suddenly fit because... erm magic made them
3) I might become a stick thin fashion model!

So my argument is definately the dresses, skirts, tops etc that I can actually wear are far less than my male wardrobe!

Now I've written it down I realise I need a serious clear out.