Monday, 17 December 2007

The Tag Effect

I was out in London this weekend indulging my outer tranny, about which I will blog when I have more time. As is inevitable, I took a few photos. These can be divided into two camps: there are the pictures of Me, Me, Me which are compulsory whenever I slip on a frock or skirt, and then there are those which can be termed 'scenery shots' or which are pictures of me in bloke mode. The former (and only the former) go into my Rachel photostream, thus giving people the idea that I'm self-obsessed and don't take pictures of anything else. The latter go into my Bloke Stream, where they show that I do sometimes take pictures of things other than myself (notwithstanding the several hundred self-portraits in that stream :-) )

Anyway, having returned from London I uploaded my pictures. There were eighteen tranny shots which went into Rachel's account and fourteen non-tranny shots for the Bloke account. I did the fourteen first, then sifted through the Rachel ones and did them an hour or two later. I am a compulsive tagger when it comes to Flickr, so uploading a batch of pictures always takes a bit of time.

About half an hour after uploading the last pictures I had a browse to see if anyone had been looking at them. The Bloke pics had been available for a couple of hours, and had, between them, attracted about seven views. The Rachel pics had been around for a quarter of that time, and had already totted up over a hundred views. Even now, a day later, the best one of the Bloke pics has managed is seventeen views. One of the Rachel pics is well past one hunderd and fifty.

Stick on tranny tags, and the world flocks to your door.

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Jane said...

You'll get used to that. Another experiment is to not tag your picture for a day, then tag it and see it go through the roof so to speak.

What I still find galling is that in my top most viewed pictures 8/10 are all of trannies and not what I consider my better photos and the other two I've cleverly included tags such as boots, legs, clingfilm and fetish.